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produce your own Solar Power today
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energy efficient, and cost-effective
We Provide Complete Alternative Energy Solutions
Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Geothermal Energy & Biomass Energy


1000 MW Solar Power
Contract Signing Ceremony
between Canada & Pakistan

Contract Signed on
June 29, 2016 in Balochistan House, Islamabad, Pakistan
Twenty Locations would be chosen for setting up the plants in Balochistan
EnerTech President Mr. Ejaz Alam as Mediator Consultant


Joint Venture

JV Signed by:
Ejaz M. Alam (President & CEO)
ENERTECH Alternative Energy Solutions Inc., Canada
Nani Pradeepan, P. Eng (Managing Director)
NEW DAWN Energy Solutions, Canada


The smart way to save money

environmental friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective
Alternative Energy Solutions Inc.


Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Desalination Solar
System Solutions

Energy efficient and environmentally conscious feed water intakes
Post remineralization, Disinfection and
brine discharge in both brackish water and sea water applications

EnerTech:: Alternative Energy Solutions Inc.

As a full-service solar provider, EnerTech is dedicated to providing our customers the very best and most affordable solar solutions available. We carefully select the best solar panel technologies to ensure that our residential and commercial clients get a product that will provide consistent benefits and trouble-free operation year after year.

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Solar Design

EnerTech is an all-in-one service provider, switch to clean solar energy. We take care of every step of your project, provide a single point of contact, and are accountable throughout the life of your system. Our experience installing high quality solar systems and uncompromising service have made us a national industry leader.

Quality Installation

EnerTech designs, permits and constructs solar systems to our rigorous quality standards, meeting or exceeding local building and safety codes. Additionally, EnerTech solar prides itself on having a high percentage of certified personnel on our installation crews.

EnerTech Consulting

To keep your solar system up,  running / implement or not satisfied your existing solar power efficiency, you need a team of solar power system experts who are available around the clock. Shaheen Solar offers consulting services for every stage of a solar power system's life cycle-whether it?s design, build or support.

Solar Applications

EnerTech’s Got You Covered

Every EnerTech Agreement comes with comprehensive coverage that ensures the longevity of your system. If your system ever needs to be repaired or replaced, we will handle it at no cost to you.

  • Solar System Maintenance and Warranty. EnerTech takes care of any repairs or replacements for the life of the agreement.
  • Monitoring and Performance Guarantee. We monitor your system production so you don’t have to. If you want to track your system’s production, you can login to your customer account and check it out for yourself any time.
  • Moving. If you need to move, EnerTech makes it easy to transfer the agreement to the new homeowner


  • A Turn-Key” EnerTech System:

    • Plan Design, Drawings & Engineering
    • Building Permits
    • Coordinating HOA Approval
    • Solar Panels & UniRac Mounting
    • Wiring & Conduits
    • Power Inverter(s)
    • Disconnect Panel
    • Revenue Grade Meter
    • Home Owner Monitoring System
    • Coordinating NV Energy Net Meter Installation
    • 25 Year Solar Panel Warranty
    • Lifetime Monitoring

Our courage, vision and knowledge are the foundations of our strategy. For our customers and partners, we at EnerTech Alternative Energy Solutions Inc. are building the promise of excellence.

Ejaz Alam, Founder & Chief Consultant

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